🗣 📚 We all have a voice. But if you are silent though your cause is just, how can you make a difference? In the 1950’s and 1960’s one person, and then another, decided that they could no longer let their voices be silent; together they formed the Civil Rights Movement. The voices that rose from the Civil Rights Movement help us learn how to affect social change. Students engage in this interactive program and are challenged by Sheila Arnold & Sarah Osburn Brady to raise their voices, continuing to make America the land of the free. Grades 6-12. Register here: https://vbpl.librarymarket.com/webex-live-arts-learning-presents-sheila-arnold-and-sarah-osburn-brady-civil-rights-finding-voice. Virginia Beach Arts & Humanities Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, Business Consortium for Arts Support, Virginia Commission for the Arts, and Arts for Learning (A4L) collaborate each year to provide arts-in-education programming to all Virginia Beach Public Schools students. #vbarts #BlackHistoryMonth​​​​​​​
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